Internal CEPA Bodies

CEPA Scientific Committee

All members have insight and sector specific knowledge which will benefit CEPA and provide aggregate data and pest management expertise for the European / EU policy arena.

  • Dr Colin Prescott, University of Reading
  • Dr Daniel Bajomi, MaKosz –  WHO expert
  • Asst. Emily Coan, University of Reading
  • Harry Wood, Rentokil Initial Scientific Writer
  • Håkan Kjellberg, Anticimex Scientific Adviser

CEPA Internal Working Groups

  • CEPA WG Professionalisation of Pest Management                           
    Led by : Rune Bratland and Sergio Urizio, CEPA Vice-Chairs
    CEPA Certified® Scheme Leader: Bertrand Montmoreau
  • CEPA WG Sustainability and Innovation                                   
    Led by: Markus Puschmann, DSV
  • CEPA WG Pest Management Digital Empowerment                           
    Led by: The CEPA Secretariat
  • CEPA WG Global Engagement                                                                               
    Led by: Milagros Fernandez de Lezeta, CEPA Vice-Chair

CEPA Taskforce empowering women in professional pest management

Under the leadership of Dee Ward Thompson from the British Pest Control Association (and with the example of a similar exercise already running in the UK in collaboration with BBC (LINK)), CEPA will promote specifically the role women play and how they operate at the heart of households across Europe as pest management professionals.