CEPA Vision, mission, objectives

CEPA Vision

I. CEPA is ready to start the path towards official recognition of the professional pest management sector as a service provider within the EU regulatory framework.

II. CEPA held the initial discussions on the launch of a self-regulatory agreement for the professionalisation of the sector. The Memorandum of Understanding will be concluded with, but not limited to, institutions and businesses such as local authorities, EU representatives of hospitals, retailers, food manufacturers, catering, etc. The aim is to ensure the health and safety of all EU citizens both in the urban environment and beyond. The core of such an agreement is the CEPA Certification® scheme underpinned by the European standard EN 16636 with an integrated minimum training framework. The CEPA Certified® scheme is the only European pest management standard with external independently audited quality control systems.

III. CEPA members endorse the causes laid in the WHO ‘Healthy Cities’ initiative. We have started a journey to communicate how pest management services protect citizens and ensure healthy cities.

IV. To act the principles of the professional pest management Memorandum of Understanding we are looking, under the umbrella of the European Commission sustainability agenda, at developing a pilot project in several main cities of Europe. This pilot project key performance indicators shall demonstrate how a coordinated pest management program conducted by pest control service professionals can be sustainable, improve the health parameters of a city, and contribute to the quality of life for its citizens.


CEPA’s mission is to act as the voice of the Pest Management Industry vis à vis all relevant stakeholders.

Its goal is to promote the understanding of the Pest Management Industry through an enhanced dialogue with policy makers and opinion leaders at a European level on matters affecting our sector.


  • To interact with the European Institutions on behalf of the Pest Management Industry with fact based dialogue;
  • To represent the Pest Management industry with a single voice when challenged by European legislative initiatives;
  • To increase awareness of the Pest Management Industry’s contribution to the European economy as a factor for growth and employment;
  • To federate the Pest Management industry around meaningful initiatives that elevate the profession and its operators (CEPA certified Scheme)
  • To enable the exchange of information, particularly with regards to facilitating communication between the national associations and beyond that between all other bodies that are members of our Confederation;
  • To provide early warning with regards to issues that have the potential to enhance or endanger our industry’s development in geographical Europe;
  • To provide the necessary tools and expertise to deal with these issues as they arise;
  • To facilitate the collection of data about our industry;
  • To liaise with other business and interest groups on matters of joint interest.