Global Pest Awareness Day (6 June)

• The goal is to create awareness with citizens all over the world for the manner in which professional pest managers provide protection for their food, their home, their family, the environment in which they live, against public health risks.

• The 1st Global Pest Awareness Day takes place on 6 June 2017.

• The initiative comes from the Chinese Pest Control Association in collaboration with NPMA, FAOPMA, CEPA and WHO.

• CEPA proposes to support this action because it offers a major opportunity to develop awareness for the health risks connected to the presence of pests with the general public, regulatory and horizontal stakeholders as well as showcase our success with CEPA Certified on the international stage.

Practical suggestions

Who can participate?

Anyone of our members is eligible to organise a Global Pest Awareness Day event. Whether large or small we’d be happy to hear about what you are planning!

What kind of events could be considered?

– a basic press release, a more elaborate press conference

– seminars, workshops