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Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for your interest in CEPA membership.

Please note that we have four different categories of membership:

  • National Associations
  • Regional Associations
  • Partners, i.e. Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Companies
  • International Observer Membership, for companies outside of geographical Europe

International Observer

  • International Observer Membership of CEPA is designed to reflect the needs of companies/organisations working in pest management outside of geographical Europe.
  • On receipt of your application, you will be asked to sign a declaration, on behalf of your company, that confirms compliance with local regulatory and legislative requirements in the territories in which you operate.
  • Becoming an International Observer Member will give you access to the following CEPA membership benefits:
  • Use of CEPA logo
  • Access to all our meetings
  • Regular communications with latest industry information

International Observer Membership costs € 500 a year.

For more details on fees and voting rights please refer to our By-laws and check out Benefits for Members.

If you wish to officially apply for membership may we ask you to fill out this form and send it to

Best regards,
The CEPA Management Team