19 April 2018, CEPA Certified® Scheme annual meeting with the Auditors

On 19 April 2018, the CEPA Certified® Scheme annual meeting with the auditors was organised at the premises of the Committee of the Regions, Brussels:

Moving forward with CEPA Certified® (EN16636), the European Standard for Professional Pest Management

CEPA is the official representation of the confederation of pest managers at EU level. CEPA Certified® is a tool managed by national member associations of CEPA.
The checks and balances of external Certified Auditors provides CEPA’s pest management professional standard with unique legitimacy:
1. helping to grant professional status throughout Europe.
2. reassuring both the citizen and sectoral industry (retail, hospitality, health sectors) on the qualifications of CEPA-certified pest managers.
This meeting was a unique occasion to ensure the engagement of and exchange with the CEPA certification Auditors’ community. CEPA reminded of its continuous commitment to improve the implementation of the tools that Auditors have at their disposal. We believe that transparency on the evolution and control of the CEPA Certified® standard will create a fertile ground to transform our standard into soft law. This will only be possible with the help of the whole sustainable pest management chain: civil society, decision makers and end users (hospitals, catering, etc.).


For further information and the meeting report, please contact: anamaria@cepa-europe.org.