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21 Pest Management Associations from around the world to form the Global Pest Management Coalition

In the margin of the Global Summit of Pest Management services for Public Health and Food Safety in New York last April, the NPMA with the support of CEPA organised a meeting with Pest Management Associations from around the world in view of creating a “Global Pest Management Coalition”.

During what was scheduled as a Think Tank session it quickly became apparent that our industry has common goals when it comes to protecting public health and property. Participants agreed that sharing information and pursuing consistency in messaging to the public would elevate our professionalism and strengthen our sector as a whole.

As a logical next step participants formulated Strategic Objectives for the Coalition and summarised the initiative with the following Mission Statement:

The mission of the GPMC is to provide a unified voice across the Globe promoting the value of pest management in ensuring the protection of health, home, food and businesses.

 Meanwhile a logo has been proposed and approved. The next Global Summit in Europe 2018 will be an ideal opportunity to reconvene, compare initiatives and develop common tactics.

A standard that creates awareness for the value to Society that Pest Management represents. Testimonials from CEPA Certified companies and from industry.

CEPA General Assembly 14/6/2017

CEPA General Assembly 14/6/2017 – Henry Mott, newly elected CEPA Chairman, accepting his new position and thanking Bertrand Montmoreau, Past Chairman, for his contributions over the past four years. (LtR: Frederic Verwilghen, Bertrand Montmoreau, Henry Mott).   CEPA General Assembly… Read more ›

6 June 2017 has been declared “World Pest Awareness Day” to serve as a reminder of how professional pest management helps protect our quality of life

Brussels, Belgium, 6 June 2017 The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) has joined forces with FAOPMA (Australasia) and NPMA (USA), its counterparts around the globe, to create awareness with citizens all over the world for the important role… Read more ›

World Pest Awareness Day

June 6, 2017 has been declared World Pest Awareness Day. The purpose of this initiative jointly organised by CPCA, FAOPMA, NPMA and CEPA is to create awareness with citizens all over the world for the manner in which professional pest… Read more ›


Barcelona Pest Control Technology & Innovation International Forum

29-30 May 2017
Barcelona (Catalonia - Spain)

World Pest Awareness Day

6 June 2017

CEPA Annual General Assembly

14 June 2017
Brussels (Belgium)

9th International Conference on Urban Pests

9 to 12 July 2017
Birmingham (U.K.)

Quarterly CEPA Meeting

13 September 2017
(location to be communicated later)


28-29 September 2017
Istanbul (Turkey)


24-27 October 2017
Baltimore (USA)

Quarterly CEPA Meeting

1 December 2017
(location to be communicated later)