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World Pest Awareness Day

June 6, 2017 has been declared World Pest Awareness Day. The purpose of this initiative jointly organised by CPCA, FAOPMA, NPMA and CEPA is to create awareness with citizens all over the world for the manner in which professional pest managers provide protection for their food, their home, their family, the environment in which they live and their businesses and prevent public health risks.

CEPA recommends that its members support this action because it offers a major opportunity to project a positive image of our industry vis-à-vis the general public as well as regulatory and horizontal stakeholders both in Europe and on the international stage.

Here are some simple ideas that you could consider: a basic press release, a more elaborate press conference, seminars, workshops, company site visits, live demonstrations etc. You will surely find something creative and interesting that sparks curiosity!

If you want to get involved please express your interest by sending an e-mail to CEPA to register your initiative and present a summary of the activity that you are planning (

A standard that creates awareness for the value to Society that Pest Management represents. Testimonials from CEPA Certified companies and from industry.

Commission Implementing Decision

Commission implementing decision pursuant to Article 3(3) of Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on monitoring traps containing attractants to insects CEPA, representing the European associations of pest management, is highly concerned regarding the… Read more ›

Global Summit of Pest Management Services for public health and food safety

The first US edition of the bi-annual joint NPMA/CEPA initiative drew close to 200 attendees from all 5 continents. Dr. John Simmons, Managing Director of Acheta Consulting, a presenter at the event, said that “the second Global Pest Management Summit… Read more ›

Pestex, London, UK

As always the technical presentations and panel sessions at Pestex were of superior quality and registered high attendance rates. A standout among the panel discussions was a debate with Julie Girling (MEP), Malcolm Harbour (former MEP and policy advisor at… Read more ›


Barcelona Pest Control Technology & Innovation International Forum

29-30 May 2017
Barcelona (Catalonia - Spain)

World Pest Awareness Day

6 June 2017

CEPA Annual General Assembly

14 June 2017
Brussels (Belgium)

9th International Conference on Urban Pests

9 to 12 July 2017
Birmingham (U.K.)

Quarterly CEPA Meeting

13 September 2017
(location to be communicated later)


28-29 September 2017
Istanbul (Turkey)


24-27 October 2017
Baltimore (USA)

Quarterly CEPA Meeting

1 December 2017
(location to be communicated later)