CEPA 2019 Annual Report Launched


The CEPA 2019 Annual Report has been launched, providing a comprehensive overview of CEPA's progress and vision.

For CEPA, 2019 was a productive year which has given CEPA a new and promising given direction. In his preface to the annual report, CEPA President Henry Mott summarises:

In 2019 CEPA #TheGoodPestManager revisited its statutes and decided to move towards becoming an association and no longer a confederation. Although initially this may seem a small step, it was a step forward in CEPA becoming a far more democratic organisation with a one member one vote structure. 2019 saw significant growth in new members with nine new members joining the fold. We welcome them all and I encourage any organisation who is a stakeholder in the Professional Pest Management industry to come along to one of our meetings to see what we are doing to develop and protect our important sector. If you have a passion for pest management and want the opportunity to exert real influence in the industry on an international scale, then CEPA is the organisation for you.

You can download the CEPA 2019 Annual Report here.

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