Tracker: Countries listing pest management as essential during the COVID-19 outbreak

Last update: 26th March 2020


Recognition of Pest Management as an essential profession

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Austria Austria has given an explicit general exemption to hygiene services: §2 19. - Federal law: COVID-19 law
Belgium x  
Bulgaria x  
Croatia x  
Republic of Cyprus x  
Czech Republic x  
Denmark x  
Estonia x  
Finland x  
France x  
Germany x  
Greece x  
Hungary x  
Ireland x  
Italy Italy has given an explicit exemption to the pest management sector: 81.2 of Annex 1 - Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 22 March 2020
Latvia x  
Lithuania x  
Luxembourg x  
Malta x  
Netherlands x  
Poland x  
Portugal x  
Romania x  
Slovakia x  
Slovenia x  
Spain Spain has prohibited certain sectors from opening. This does not cover pest management: Article 10.1 of Royal Decree 463/2020
Sweden x  
United Kingdom x/✓ Authorities in Northern Ireland confirm that pest management professionals are formally recognised as key workers in Northern Ireland, reports the BCPA

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