Digital developments: towards Pest Management 2.0

The European Commission rightly points to the enormous growth potential represented by the digital transformation of EU business and society. CEPA is excited about its potential.
Technology in the area of pest management is following swiftly with the development of connected objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) and the testing of drone applications for the monitoring and treatment of pests.

Smart Cities have paved the way in the development and use of interconnected IoT objects and IPM is currently picking up this trend. CEPA is actively encouraging its members to invest in such new technologies and develop adapted IPM approaches. Here is a snapshot of CEPA members’ initiatives in this context.

The use of IoT:
•    Connected rodent traps allow to have real time information (24/7) on rodent activity and focus treatment efforts;
•    Smart Apps to automatically recognise pests;
•    The integration of large amounts of IoT data enables to design more efficient IPM programs, including population mapping and dynamics forecasts. 

The use of professional drones for the targeted application of liquid products:
•    Larvicidal treatments with silicone-based films to treat stagnant water or other eco-friendly products for the control of mosquitoes’ life cycle
•    Sanitation treatments pre-installation of systems for bird control
•    Safe treatments with knockdown insecticides directly on the nests of wasps

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